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Artist’s Statement
you do what it takes to keep yourself whole
  – Rebecca Liv Wee, “Damage”
My current work is an exploration of how the entropic systems inherent in both the body and architecture can be translated into artifacts of human experience. I am interested in how the metaphorical language of housing both physiologically and anthropologically records our identities in its varying mass and framework. These systemic renderings as they are manifested through our tools and infrastructure serve as a record of how the architecture of what we do both reflects our wishes and defines our actions. How we choose our building materials, how we design our machines, and how we modify our contemporary life is the most pertinent record of our desires, dreams and conflicts. Between these cycles of birth and death is the finite process of existing. Every moment that passes we are continually faced with a residue of what was us just moments before. This decay and the livelong struggle to decelerate it leaves a mark of ourselves in the air we exhale, in the walls we rub against, and in the stones we pick up and carry each day.
This mark is the most desperate thing we will ever make.